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8 people
2 hours
Room P!nK

Room P!nK 8 people Maximum 9 people

The space is perfectly adapted to the size of your group

This room can fit 1 more person for the same price

Room Jungle

Room Jungle 10 people Maximum 12 people

Oh no, too late! This room is no longer available on Sunday 25 February

15h05 17h15
18h30 21h30

Anytime is a good time to have a party!

Team building

Need to unwind or thank the team? KaraFun Bar is the spot!


Celebrate your birthday, in an exclusive ambiance, with a birthday cake delivered right to your karaoke room!


An fun and unique idea for a bachelor(ette) party: a guaranteed unforgettable event!

Company party

Invite your clients to a unique evening that they'll likely not forget!