icn people

10 PERSONS / Max. 12 pers.

This room will rock you! Capable of fitting 10 comfortably, it's the perfect spot to try a little "Sweet Child O'Mine."

No need to sport leather pants or a bandana, this room's got what you need to put you in the spirit: a light show, optional fog machine, and on-demand drinks. It's time to party (and sing) like a rockstar!

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19h15 7ABB864C-DB34-4EF2-9196-5498D0655C89 21h15
€140  €110 or €11/person
21h25 7ABB864C-DB34-4EF2-9196-5498D0655C89 23h25
€150  €120 or €12/person

Dynamic live lighting

Order by iPad

Video projector

Three karaoke screens

2 professional wireless microphones

Disco ball and stage lights

Fog machine with output control

Built-in camera

Remote control and photo upload from smartphone

Ready for KaraFun Quiz

Wheelchair accessible